Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The 411 On Jenny Johnson, The Woman That Shut Down Breezy's Twitter Account!

Ever since Jenny Johnson and Chris Brown’s Twitter beef put the “Look At Me Now” singer back in the headlines for his uncontrollable temperament and provoked him to delete his account, everyone's been wondering ... Just who is Jenny Johnson?

Jenny (@JennyJohnsonHi5) is a self-described “writer, wife, asshole and owner of 2 dogs.”  Based out of Houston, the former news producer and current comedy writer told Paper Mag that she was working on a book of essays and a TV pilot back in May 2012.

Under her belt, she's credited for co-producing ABC’s hit series Lost and executively producing the Fox TV series Alcatraz. In addition, she's been published in GQ Magazine.

She’s been on Twitter since 2009, but began to make a name for herself by using her wit to make fun of high-profile celebrities like Kim K. and, of course, Chris Brown. Her cunning quips helped her build her Twitter following to around 200,000, which grew into over 347,000 followers after she took a personal Twitter bashing from Breezy. It’s also helped her gain notoriety as one of the funniest women on Twitter, according to both the HuffPo and Paper Mag.

In 2011, Jenny indirectly grabbed the attention of the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer through one of her hard hitting attacks tweeting:

Source : http://globalgrind.com

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